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    Hello Mark,

    I noticed you posted a few details about HMS Cowslip & this has prompted my contact.
    My name is Danny & I'm trying to trace a jouney my grandfather (Douglas Gordon) took during the war.
    He was a merchant seaman trained as a DEMS gunner.
    He was torpedoed  (sunk) on the Myrmidon (5th Sept 1942) & picked up by HMS Brilliant & taken to Freetown. 
    He was put onto the President Doumer as part of convoy SL125 from Freetown when he was torpedoed (sunk) (30th Oct 1942) & picked up by Norwegian vessel Alaska.
    She was also torpedoed (damaged) (31/Oct 1942) & as far as I can determine, Doumer survivors were transferred to Cowslip (possibly 1st Nov 1942) & taken to Gibralter.
    Do you know if Cowslip's commander (Frederick Granger) would have taken a list of their names ?, as this would confirm if he was taken on board & if so, where I could find it ?




    Reply from Mark Walters FCCA Member:

    Hi Danny

    It is likely that one of the ships officers would have kept a log of the survivors and that this was later included in the admiralty convoy reports.

    Your best bet is to check the Convoy Reports in section ADM 237 at the National Archives (online). There may also be something in the merchant vessel survivors reports under ADM 199. It is best to send a query in with the name of the ship and dates etc. so that the National Archives staff can check the relevant section. It is unlikely the report will actually be online for you to look at and you will need to pay the NA staff to search and copy the relevant details.

    Hope you find some more details



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